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Xelex Global can offer you a range of mobile or fixed bespoke solutions for the disinfection of your premises and customers, please contact us with your requirements.

Handheld Disinfection Sprayers

Our electrostatic sprayers have a powerful performance when used with suitable disinfectants against a wide range of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, moulds, fungi and human clinical isolates. These can be used in both industrial and domestic enviroments for prevention and control of outbreaks. The battery operated foggers can be used with Hypochlorus acid for the disinfection of people and animals, offering a cost effective and easy to operate solution to large and small businesses.

Mobile Disinfection Units

Multi-nozzle misting decontamination mobile unit that can be used at events or in other industries to  kill the COVID-19 virus upon application to skin, clothes and personal protective equipment when used in conjunction with the appropriate non-toxic disinfectant solution, such as Hypochlorus acid. Featuring a self-sanitising mat at the base of the unit, and disability ramps, this portable solution offers top to toe decontamination.

Bespoke Disinfection Units

We can offer expert guidance on disinfection and hygiene; with our wealth of experience we can design the right equipment for your needs, bespoke  disinfecting entrance systems that do the job and keep your business, customers and staff biosecure. We also provide the cjhemical solutions that work with our equipment.

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