Innovation in Chemistry


Xelex Global Ltd is a UK based designer and distributor of highly innovative chemical and energy saving technologies. All our products have been designed, tried and tested ensuring that we bring you  quality, value and innovation, which is  at the core of our product range.

Xelex Global Ltd has in its catalogue, antiviral and antimicrobial surface disinfectants, products for water treatment, cooling and renewable applications. Whether it be from a simple disinfectant, to a nano-technology advanced formulated  antimicrobial our products are designed for PREVENTION, PROTECTION and PERFORMANCE. All our products aim to provide solutions to everyday issues such as Cleanliness, Protection from Viruses and Bacteria, reduction of Carbon Emissions and  Energy and  Monetary Savings.

Chemistry For Disinfection

Our products have a powerful broad spectrum disinfection performance against a wide range of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, moulds, fungi and human clinical isolates, and can be used in both industrial and domestic enviroments for prevention and control.

Chemistry For Water

We offer a complete service for water treatment that uses innovative chemical technologies. our products are used to prevent  corrosion, scale formation and excessive microbiological growth. Products that improve costs of operating businesses by reducing energy consumption, water consumption and maintenance costs.

Chemistry For Energy

We can provide the chemicals required to make improvements in various fields within the renewable energy industry including chemicals for Biomass Boilers,  maintenance of Ground Source Heat pump systems and performance improvements of Solar Thermal and PV panels.

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